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If the word crypto scares you a bit, welcome to the club. If you wish it didn’t, welcome to the class. Here, you’ll find no tears and fears. Just what it’s all about, what to look out for, what to do, and what’s in it for you.

Blockchain sounds scary. But it’s simply how Crypto lives. The system that keeps it free and flowing. Learn its principles, unravel its mysteries, better understand crypto and be free as a bird.


Basic basics

About crypto

About crypto

6 articles

In plain English, what Crypto really is, and where it lives. Rocket science degree not required.

Own and use it

Own and use it

4 articles

How to stay in charge of your finances, keep them secure, and sleep like a baby at night.

Ledger's bit of it

Ledger's bit of it

4 articles

How Ledger keeps you in control, your Crypto where it should be, and your finances in your hands.

Keep growing it

Keep growing it

4 articles

How to grow your crypto like redwoods and give them the treatment they deserve.

Six essential everythings


What blockchain technology is, and how it makes Crypto what it is. All in non-techy language.

Know about blockchain


All the things you wanted to know about Crypto, but were too terrified to ask.

Ask away

Hardware wallet

How your Ledger wallet is your 24/7 easy-access personal bank that no-one else can get to.

Know your wallet


NFTs' ABC, how to unleash your creativity, and become digitally free.

Get inspired


Crypto's commonsense do and never-do safety tips, and how Ledger makes them safer still.

Get secure


Courses and videos about using your wallet, accessing your Crypto and smiling all the way.

Check them out

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