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Crypto Exchanges Hacks

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Since the advent of bitcoin 10 years ago, the story of cryptocurrencies has been riddled with frequent, spectacular, and troubling hacks to even the most reputable cryptocurrency exchange platforms. While the hot storage (online wallet) of private keys has lead to these headline grabbing stories, there are certainly ways to have a safe, simple and enjoyable crypto experience. 

We at Ledger believe it is our responsibility to provide cryptocurrency owners with secure solutions to protect their crypto assets. 

Protect your assets now

This is why we developed the
 Ledger Nano Sand the new generation hardware wallet, the Ledger Nano X. Secure hardware wallets designed to withstand even sophisticated attacks. While we are proud that the Ledger devices brought peace of mind to over 1.3M users worldwide, we can only encourage the rest of the cryptocurrency owners to consider the list below and protect their crypto assets accordingly.