Why you should choose Ledger

All you need to know about the security and ease of use of Ledger devices.

If you are looking for a secure way to store your crypto assets, you have probably thought of using a hardware wallet. A hardware wallet is an offline, "cold" storage secure device, enabling you to protect the private keys giving access to your assets.
When it comes to hardware wallets, it can be challenging to decide what is the right option. To help you in this research, we've outlined below what are the key characteristics to take into account when choosing your hardware wallet, and why we believe Ledger should be your secure solution of choice to store your crypto assets.

Ledger Hardware Wallets

Secure Element chip 
Secure Element (SE) is a tamper-resistant chip designed to withstand sophisticated attacks, and capable of securely hosting applications and their confidential and cryptographic data (like the private keys of your crypto assets). SEs are typically used in credit cards, SIM cards or passports.

Custom Operating System (OS): BOLOS 
Ledger’s proprietary 
Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System (BOLOS) makes Ledger wallets the only crypto-asset hardware wallet to have their own custom OS.
BOLOS protects the device against malicious attacks and isolates applications from each other, avoiding any kind of ‘virus-like’ contamination.
BOLOS’ security measures notably enable the safe installation of apps developed independently by third-party developers - those applications will be protected individually and from one another by Ledger' technology.

Other available options

Generic MCU chip 
The Microcontroller Unit, in short MCU, is a normal chip like the ones used in your microwave, hobbyist drone or TV remote controller. Besides Ledger, very few hardware wallets in the market currently have an SE chip.

Generic Operating System 
The few other hardware wallets equipped with a secure element use generic, “off-the-shelf” operating systems. These operating systems generally lack the flexibility and openness required to deal with many modern cryptocurrency applications.

Genuine check
The genuine check developed by Ledger is an authentication ensuring that your Ledger device has not been tampered with or compromised by a third party. Your Ledger device integrity will be checked every time you connect your Ledger device to
 Ledger Live.

No genuine check available 
Most other hardware wallets do not have an authentication system assuring that their devices are genuine, leaving the door open for device tampering and the interception of critical data.

EAL5+ Security Chip Certification 
The Secure Element used in Ledger devices undergoes a certification process in which the device’s chip is subjected to high level, advanced attacks. This strict certification process is vital for governments to ensure that the passports for their citizens will not be backdoored, for banks to ensure that the banking cards of their customers are safe, and for Ledger to ensure its customers’ crypto assets are secured.

Not security certification
While some other hardware wallets in the market are equipped with a Secure Chip, there are few such options and only some of those have obtained EAL5+ or equivalent certification.

Manage 22 coins with Ledger Live & 1000+ with external wallets
Thanks to the custom Operating system, BOLOS, you can securely manage 22 coins directly with Ledger Live and more than 1000 other assets with external wallets. Meanwhile, the 
Ledger Nano X enables you to install up to 100 apps at the same time on one device.
You can find all our supported crypto assets on 
this page.

Limited crypto assets support 
Most other hardware wallets only support Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Some also support ERC20 tokens but very few secure options offer support for other popular crypto assets like XRP, Monero, IOTA, EOS or NEO.

Crypto coverage

New crypto assets added each month
Each month, Ledger may bring new crypto apps which are developed by third parties.
In 2018, 39 coins have been added to Ledger’s list of supported assets. Ledger currently covers the 
90% of the total market capitalization

Compromise between security and coverage
 The absence of a specific secure OS prevents easy application integration. A new coin support means a new firmware release with new features, requiring extensive security regression testing. In case of a bug on the new coin app, the entire hardware wallet may be compromised.

Utility apps & data security 
Utility applications are available if you wish to use your Ledger device for other purposes, notably to reinforce the security of your digital data.
Password manager, 
HELLO and more are tools you can use with your Ledger device in your everyday life. 

Usually no utility apps 
Only a select few of them offer the possibility of installing utility apps. The use of the device is mostly restricted to crypto assets. 


Ledger’s team boast a decade of expertise in hardware and digital security, cryptography and development of smart cards operating systems. 
This experience is crucial, as it enables Ledger to be trusted by the manufacturers of critical security components, ensuring state-of-the-art protection of your crypto assets.

No desktop companion app available 
Most of other hardware wallets do not offer a desktop application to manage your crypto assets. To use these devices, you will need to use one or multiple third party platforms, which are only compatible with a few specific internet browsers. 
Furthermore, those platforms do not guarantee a regular genuine check of the device and the apps that you want to install, which means they offers a lower level of security.

Ledger Live - the free companion app
Ledger hardware wallets come with a free companion app, called Ledger Live. 
Designed to work hand-in-hand with your Ledger devices, 
Ledger Live notably includes a step-by-step process to help you initialize your device, and enables you to easily manage your crypto assets.

Other brands 
Some manufacturers used to specialize in entertainment consumer electronics devices, where security was less of a priority. Few manufacturers have a significant experience in security related technology, blockchain technology or both.

Multi-channel customer support
Multi-channel customer service through live chat, contact form and social media. Our support officers will be available for all your questions everyday from Monday to Friday.

Customer Support through contact form only
Most other hardware wallet manufacturers only offer customer service through the website contact form.

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Protect your crypto now


Independently Certified by ANSSI
Ledger is the first and only certified hardware wallet on the marketAt Ledger, we believe that security is paramount to trust. We also believe that trust needs proof. Without it, is just faith. If you didn't trust us yet, we are proud to announce that Ledger is now the first and only hardware wallet independently certified for its security by ANSSI, the French cyber security agency.

Not Certified 
No other hardware wallet on the market presently has been certified independently for its security.